Portfolio 1: Embracing Nature, series one
       The diversity of the images in this collection allows us to enthusiastically embrace the infinite faces of our provider, of our ultimate home, Nature.  Each has a place, a life story of course.  But best to let the eyes stay fixed and its companion, the heart, throb gently before seeking out each image's wondrous narratives.

Portfolio 2:  Reflections --  Nature poems from water to window


       I had known this reflection world existed often with remarkable beauty, at the water’s surface, especially on a wind-less sunny day.  But, there's a second reflection that can be just as striking, albeit more confounding.    We have all seen reflections in glass windows every day. We take it for granted. Ever changing angles of light beams dance across the atmosphere bringing reflections of the reality all around us. This we accept and know. But in the uniquely charming and magnificent Renaissance city of Kraków in southern Poland, as well as in and around Boston, I came to realize that these glass panes - can be the homes of nature’s elusive poets and poetry, in that silica, oxygen, and light combine to often reveal a side of earth, of nature, of us that is hidden, often beautiful, mysterious, and certainly provokes our imagination.
       All of my reflection images of both the water and window mediums are free of artificial color changes or an kind of trick photography.  While at times saturation, brightness, and shadows was adjusted in my image cropping on the computer, no  major photoshop alterations were made.  Enjoy!

Portfolio 3:  Embracing Nature, series two (coming soon)