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I have found another world.

I had known this world existed at the water’s surface, especially on a wind-less sunny day. But, its’ expression embedded in the compund silica dioxide and familiar to us as “window glass,” may be the most revealing. Formed from unimaginable heat emissions of massive stars or supernovae in deep time, the elements silicon and oxygen actually make up much of our planet’s crust. One can see the reflective properties of silica in rocks containing quartz minerals. These crystals from deep in the universe are an essential part of glass windows, framing our lives by protecting and giving us essential and even profound connections to the outside, including our sun-origins.

We have all seen reflections in glass windows every day. We take it for granted. Ever changing angles of light beams dance across the atmosphere bringing images of the reality all around us. This we accept and know. But in the uniquely charming and magnificent stare miasto (old city) of Kraków in southern Poland, as well as in Prague and Boston, I have come to realize that the the place where silica, oxygen and sunbeams meet – window glass -- can be the homes of nature’s elusive poets and poetry.…which through reflection often reveal a side of earth, of nature, of us that is hidden, beautiful, and mysterious.

All of the images in "Earth Gazes Back" were captured from sections of window panes in these great cities. While at times saturation was increased in my image cropping on the computer (another silica-based vehicle), no color changes or other major photoshop alterations were made. Enjoy.

Window reflection images taken in Boston...