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       Likely a significant influence on impressionist painting in the late 19th century, reflections in two media, water and window are featured here in this portfolio as well as its accompanying book.  The locations of these reflection images are: the grand Renaissance city and region of Kraków, Poland and, Boston, Massachusetts and its nearby environs, USA.  
        Window reflections can be difficult to recognize and capture, for angles and degree of light, constituents of the window glass, seasonsal and weather conditions play key roles. I very much feel that the mix of sunlight from our star and silica dioxide based compounds that make up glass have been very much overlooked as expressions of Nature's art. Indeed, nearly all the selected photos of window panes that I have photographed  show unique art and poetic mystery, such that one cannot even imagine that the depicted expressions on glass are connected to the reality it supposedly is reflecting. I repeatedly conclude that photographic reflections, especially of window glass, are often more beautiful  and transcending than its origin, the actual objects and life.